European Synchrotron User Organization


The 5 ELISA User delegates have set up a European Synchrotron User Organization, that had its first meeting on January 18^th^, 2010. This independent organization is composed by national delegates of 19 European Countries plus Israel, Norway, Serbia and Switzerland. Find here your national representative !

ESUO is an organization with the aim of coordinating the synchrotron radiation user activities within Europe to guarantee the realization and access to the best beamlines in Europe.
Furthermore, ESUO carries great potential to act as a lobbying organization for extension of EU funding to transnational access based activities.

It has been founded within the premises of the ELISA project, by its 5 user representatives.

Appointed members:

The ESUO organization is made by and Executive Committee and a general assembly. The assembly is composed by one delegate per European Nation plus Israel, Norway, Serbia and Switzerland, following the "one nation-one vote" principle. Furthermore, the chairs of the Users organization of the major european synchrotron facilities participate as observers.

ESUO meetings

The first ESUO meeting took place in Lisbon - Host institution: ITQB Lisbon (prof. Carrondo) - on January 18th, 2010.

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