Project summary

The Integrated Infrastructure Initiative (I3) "European LIght Sources Activities" (ELISA) was supported by the European Community - Research Infrastructure Action under the FP7 Programme (EC contribution: 10 million Euro, grant n° 226716). It lasted 30 months, from March 1st, 2009 to August 31st 2011.
Elisa had two strategic objectives:
  1. to support transnational users of national facilities in the domain of synchrotron and FEL science;
  2. to support joint research activities (JRAs) with the purpose of:
    1. enhancing the effectiveness of the facilities in serving users and in particular transnational users.
    2. contributing to the development of novel sources in this domain.
The access and research initiatives were complemented and enhanced by targeted networking activities. The ELISA project supported specialized meetings and workshops, as well as the high-level HERCULES Specialized Course for PhD students and young researchers.

List of participants that provided transnational access

The initiative was based on the very solid record of success of the preceding I3 (IA-SFS) project. The EC support, through projects I3/SFS and ELISA has consolidated the European network of synchrotron and FEL sources users enhancing collaboration without frontiers. A clear example of this is represented by ESUO (European Synchrotron User Organization), born under Elisa and still active. The impact of these activities was positive on scientists from all over Europe and in particular on those from countries without this type of facilities.
During Elisa, many new experiments were made possible fully exploiting the intellectual resources of thousands of scientists. The JRAs targeted strategic areas of instrumentation with specific emphasis on computational efforts for data analysis, new sensors for X-rays detectors and diagnostic tools for future x-ray lasers.

Further information about Elisa project can be found in the following documents:
Description and objectives of ELISA FP7 EC ELISA factsheet Organization Chart List of activities
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