Fermi and Elettra
Sept 2010

FERMI@Elettra is a single-pass FEL user-facility covering the wavelength range from 100 nm (12 eV) to 10 nm (124 eV), located next to the third-generation synchrotron radiation facility ELETTRA in Trieste, Italy. The advent of femtosecond lasers has revolutionized many areas of science from solid state physics to biology. This new research frontier of ultra-fast VUV and X-ray science drives the development of a novel source for the generation of femtosecond pulses.

The main machine characteristics are:

  • High peak power (~ GW) optical pulses with synchronization to external laser sources. Generation of shorter pulses (sub fs) will also be explored.
  • APPLE II type undulators to enable flexible tuning of both photon wavelength and polarization.
  • Implementation of seeded harmonic cascade FEL schemes for tunable and controlled short-wavelength photon pulse production.
  • Advanced feedback and feed-forward systems to improve output stability.

* A high repetition rate compatible with normal-conducting accelerator technology.

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