Network printers can be divided into

  • private printers if they are directly connected to a computer. In this case they are called "printer-referee" where referee can be a beamline, a lab or an employee name (i.e. printer-xafs, printer-trex, printer-deiuri, etc.). Usually they are managed locally by the owner.
  • public printers if they are accessible by our sincro-print printer server (Windows Server 2008 R2).  Usually their name is made of a zone identification and a printer type. 

You can find the zone identification in the maps below, while the printer types are:

  • bw: black and white printer;
  • duplex: black and white printer with default duplex function;
  • color: color printer (duplex function not enabled by default);
  • a3color: A4 and A3 paper format color printer;
  • copy: color copier (A3/A4 paper format with duplex), default: duplex, black and white ;
  • plotter: graphic plotter.

Public Printer

Installation Instructions

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