Emergency Management

Everything you need to manage an emergency: Emergency Plan, Instructions for First Aid, list of Fist Aid Kits available in the Laboratory and their location, information about use and location of emergency eye-wash.

Emergency Plan

pdf Elettra - Sincrotrone Trieste Emergency Plan
pdf Safety Organization Chart (in Italian only)

First Aid Instructions

pdf First Aid Instruction

First Aid Kits

Kits are placed in the common areas (under the responsibility of the Prevention and Safety), at the beamlines and within specific laboratories (under the supervision of the corresponding Activity). Please report any refill needs to SPP (e-mail to: SPP@elettra.eu), and we'll provide the necessary.

pdf Elenco presidi di medicazione presenti ad Elettra - Sincrotrone Trieste e istruzioni primo soccorso (List of First Aid Kits at Elettra and First Aid instructions, in Italian only)
pdf Planimetria del sito con indicazione della collocazione delle cassette di medicazione (Site Map Showing First Aid Kits' Location, in Italian only)
pdf Contenuto cassette di medicazione - Allegato 1 (a contentuto doppio) (Contents of the First Aid Kit, type 1 - big - in Italian only)
pdf Contenuto cassette di medicazione - Allegato 2 (a contenuto standard) (Contents of the First Aid Kit, type 2 - normal - in Italian only)

Eye Wash Stations

pdf Uso e dislocazione dei lava-occhi (Eye Wash Stations Instruction and Location, in Italian only)

Accident Report Form

pdf Segnalazione infortunio (Accident Report Form, in Italian only)

Safety Booklet for Visitors and Users

pdf Safety Booklet

Safety Signage

pdf Divieto d'accesso (No Access, in Italian only)


fla What to Do in a Earthquake

Terroristic attack

pdf Reacting in the Event of a Terrorist Attack

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