Satellite Workshop

"Ultrafast Phenomena by Synchrotron Radiation"

October 28-29, 2002

I.C.T.P. - Strada Costiera, 11
Main Building Hall


Monday 28th October 2002

14.00-14.15Introduction: F.Parmigiani
Chairperson: F.Parmigiani
14.15-15.00D. von der Linde - Phase Transformations and Lattice Dynamics Studied by Femtosecond X-Ray Diffraction
15.00-15.45A. Cavalleri - Femtosecond X-Ray Studies of Phase Transition Dynamics in Strongly Correlated Solids
15.45-16.30S. De Silvestri - High-brightness High-order Harmonic Generation in the Sub-10-fs Regime
16.30-17.00Coffee break
Chairperson: D. von der Linde
17.00-17.45H.C. Siegmann - Magnetization Dynamics with X-Rays
17.45-18.30C.H. Back - Ultrafast Generation of Magnetic Fields in a Schottky Diode
18.30-19.15P. Heimann - Materials at High Temperature Studied by Ultrafst X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy

Tuesday 29th October 2002

Chairperson: A. Cavalleri
08.30-09.15C. Bressler - Picosecond Resolved X-ray Absortion Spectroscopy of Laser-Excited Organometallics in Solution
09.15-10.00D. Pescia - Boundary Conditions in Precessional Motion
10.00-10.30Coffee break
Chairperson: D. Pescia
10.30-11.15W. Barletta - A Dedicated Synchrotron Radiation Source for Ultra-fast X-ray Science
11.15-12.00V. Srajer - Nanosecond Time-Resolved Macromolecular Crystallography
12.00-12.45J. Hajdu - Ultra Fast Imaging
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