Full name and location: Stiftung Deutsches Elektronen Synchrotron DESY - Hamburg, Germany

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At present, DESY operates the worldwide unique free-electron laser FLASH, providing ultra short and extremely intense photon pulses in the VUV and XUV regime to 5 experimental stations, as well as the 2nd generation high-energy photon source DORIS III serving 36 experimental stations. Every year these facilities attract more than 2200 scientists from all over the world.

From 2009 on, PETRA III, a new 3rd generation hard X-ray source of worldwide lowest emittance, will become available for users with 14 undulator beamlines providing beams focused down to some 10 nanometer size.

The European X-ray free-electron laser XFEL with revolutionary beam parameters in terms of peak brilliance and coherence is scheduled to start operation from 2013 on.

The main topics of research with photons at DESY are: structure and dynamics of condensed matter on the nano-scale, free-electron laser science, life science and structural biology, engineering materials science, chemistry, geo- and environmental science and the development of novel technologies and methods.

Infrastructure providing access; participant of JRA2, co-ordinator of JRA5.

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