Note: Some answers refer to the Annexes of Contract which are available at the link Contract documents (originals downloaded from the site http://www.cordis.lu/fp6/find-doc.htm under "Model contract:")

Subject: Users eligibility check

Question: Under the previous Framework transnational access contracts we were required to submit lists of the team members of short-listed projects to the Commission for them to check eligibility and give their approval before we awarded beamtime. Is there any similar process we should be following now?

Answer: Checking the eligibility of the users is now under the responsability of the Consortium (see Article III.6 of the contract; in particular point 4). However, article III.6, point 7, specifies that "Before selecting user groups requiring access EXCEEDING 3 MONTHS, the access provider shall seek prior written approval of the Commission, unless such longer access is foreseen in Annex 1".

Subject: Users eligibility rules

Question: Where can I find the eligibility rules for FP6?

Answer: Look at Annex III, article III.6. Please, note that the wording is in terms of the country the user leader and the majority of the users "come from": the elegibility is related to the country of the institutions from which the users are applying, and NOT to their individual nationalities, NOR to their status in relation with the institution ("permanent employee" or "student" or "visiting scientist" or whatever).