N3 Networking Activity
Transnational Exchanges of Scientists between Synchrotron and FEL Facilities and Client Institutions

Third call for proposals

The I3 Project IA-SFS includes partial support for transnational exchanges of personnel between scientists at synchrotron and free electron laser facilities and client institutions.

The maximum duration of the exchanges is 4 months that can be split into a sequence of shorter periods.
The objectives and the spirit of the program require a reasonable duration for the actual presence at the host institution. Durations of less than four consecutive weeks cannot be considered except in very special cases for which compelling arguments must be explicitly presented.

The support will be granted on a selective basis with the objective of:

  • enhancing the opportunities for beamline scientists interested in developing their own research activities;
  • enabling researchers from academia to become personally involved in the activities of SR and FEL facilities.

The I3 will provide partial support for the re-location expenses related to these exchanges, to be matched by the participating facility and client institutions. Eligible expenses are

  • travel costs;
  • lodging costs;
  • per diem allowance.

Candidatures are eligible if both the host and the home institution are based in one of the 25 Member States or in one of the Associated Candidate Countries (Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania, Turkey) or in one of the Associated Countries (Norway, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Iceland, Israel). The host and the home institution must be based in two different countries. Complying with the Italian law for the treatment of personal data, interested candidates are kindly requested to:

and then

The deadline for submitting proposals for the period March 1st, 2007 - February 28th, 2009, expired on September 30th, 2006.

If you have inquiries, please contact michele.bertolo@elettra.trieste.it (tel: +39-040-375 8021).