Full name and location: Société Civile Synchrotron SOLEIL - Gif-sur-Yvette, France

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SOLEIL, a 2.75 GeV high brilliance third generation synchrotron, will offer a unique panorama of experiments (10 beamlines open in 2006, 24 beamlines in 2009), in surface and material science (with emphasis given on microspectroscopies and high resolution), environmental and earth science, very dilute species, biology (crystallography, absorption, small angle scattering, fluorescence, IR microscopy). Areas of excellence: time resolved experiment both in X-ray range (diffraction, photoemission) and in the softer energy range (coincidences spectroscopies at ultrahigh resolution), an extensive use of versatile photon polarisations (dichroism studies), fully automated protein crystallography beamlines, a dedicated radioactive elements beamline etc�Original and unique insertion devices will be offered at the beginning at low energy (electromagnetic undulators HU640, HU256) and high energy (under-vacuum U20 undulators). SOLEIL will provide 5500H/year of beamtime, pursuing the tradition (developed at LURE) of a wide opening to European users.

Participant of JRA1 and JRA2.

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