Transnational Access Activities

The Transnational Access Activities (TAA) are based on the very solid success record of the individual transnational access contracts at each facility in the past decade.

The objectives of the TAA as a whole within the I3 Project IA-SFS are
- to promote the integration of the individual TAA
- to expand the use of synchrotron/FEL radiation by favouring the exploitation of the TAA by new users and new user communities.
In the first three years of the project (March 2004 - February 2007), the TAA promoted the "hands on" access to 12 European facilities by almost 5000 users.

The European facilities providing user access are indicated in the clickable map below*. Following the links you can find for each facility contacts for
- technical questions related to the proposal submission or other practical issues
- scientific questions related to the possibility of performing a given experiment.

Databank of the experimental stations open to user access at European synchrotron and FEL facilities.

If you are not sure about which facility to contact, you can
send a message to the I3 Manager
explaining your scientific case and/or experimental needs. The I3 Manager will look into your query and redirect it to the appropriate subset of local experts within the different facilities.

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*The access to the ESRF is not part of the I3 Project contract