Access request

Before you begin to work at Elettra an Access Request must be submitted in due time. You must receive an approval from the corresponding officer prior to your arrival, otherwise you will not be able to enter the laboratory. Once at Elettra, you will be asked for a valid identification document  so please remeber to bring one with you.

Only for FERMI users: all FERMI users must perform an on-line Safety Laser Course before accessing the laboratory: 


New user

The first step is to register in the VUO. If you visit Elettra for the first time, you will have to complete the safety training on your arrival or through the VUO.

Already registered users

Enter the VUO, digit your id and password and select the proper access request type.Remeber to check the proper box if you will need network access.

Users coming to Elettra for scheduled beamtime should choose the link Access requests (only for users) and select the proper user type.



  • General users
  • Italian funded users
  • EU funded users

Timing for the submission of the Access request varies:

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