Top Stories

Outstanding research and instrumentation developments that have been recently conducted at our beamlines and laboratories.


Browse through the list of the most relevant work carried out at our laboratory. Visitors are encouraged to download the Elettra Highlights  yearly report.


Search and submit articles, conference proceedings, patents, books, and technical reports using our online database on the Virtual Unified Office (VUO).


Conferences and Seminars

You will find information on conferences and workshops organized by the Laboratory and its partners, and the list of upcoming seminars.


The media and scientific journalists are kindly invited to contact the Press Room to set up a meeting or requesting any info.

Elettra library

Here you will find detailed information regarding access to subscribed online journals, books and other resources available through the Elettra library.


Scientific resources and links

Access to scientific links and other online resources.

Research and higher education in Trieste

Research and higher education institutions in Trieste.

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