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Insertion Device

Undulators: ID1 and ID2
Type APPLE-II permanent magnets
Period [mm] 100
Number of periods 20
Polarisation linear horizontal, linear vertical, elliptical
Minumim gap [mm] 14
Fundamental wavelength [nm] *
at E = 0.9 GeV 1026
at E = 1.5 GeV 405
at E = 2.0 GeV 212
Dispersive section
Type Electromagnetic, 3 poles magnet
Length [cm] 50
Max field [T] 0.8
Power supply current [A] 3 ÷ 300
*Maximum wavelength for gap = 14 mm, phase = 0, for typical electron energies E

Elettra parameters during SR-FEL operations

Beam energy [GeV] 0.75 - 1.8
Normalized emittance* 
► x direction [mm mrad] 3.2
► y direction [mm mrad] 0.2
Number of bunches 1 - 4
Max current per bunch [mA] 6
Energy spread** 0.12% ÷ 0.20%
Bunch length [ps]** 25 ÷ 30
Peak current [A]** ~ 80
Beam dimensions***
► σx [mm] 0.11
► σy [mm] 0.026
*at 1.0 GeV electron energy;
**at 0.9 GeV electron energy, 6 mA stored current;
***at 0.9 GeV electron energy.

Seed laser system

Laser systems
SAM mode-locked fiber laser oscillator  FemtoFiber pro IR, Toptica Photonics
Ti:Sa regenerative amplifier Legend HE, Coherent Inc.
Amplifier parameters
Repetition Rate [Hz] 1 ÷ 1000
Fundamental emission wavelength [nm] 780
Energy per pulse [mJ] 2.5
Pulse duration [fs, FWHM] 100
Harmonics used for seeding* 2nd, 3rd
*Harmonic generation stages are performed in BBO crystals
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