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Beamline Description


The beamline monochromator uses the well proven SX-700 Plane Grating Monochormator (PGM) design concept with a single grating of groove density 1200 l/mm. The monochromator consists of a rotating plane mirror, rotating plane grating and fixed spherical focusing mirror with an entrance arm 1.4 m and exit arm 7.6 m long. This solutions allows a large energy range (22 - 1000 eV) to be covered with fine, fast and continous tuning. The resolving power is naturally better at lower energies, allowing the photon flux to be further increased by opening both the entrance and exit slit wider than is the typical values (100 μm for entrance and 200 μm for exit slit). In this case the resolving power is still higher than 1000 and photon energy resolution below 100 meV. MSB_Monochromator.jpg



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