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Beamline: insertion device

source: Linear Planar Undulator (LPU) from Kyma s.r.l. divided in 2 sections
period: 46 mm
number of periods: 98
polarisation: linear horizontal
minimum gap: 13.5 mm
energy range: 90 - 1800 eV
peak brilliance: ~ 4 x 1018 ph/s/100 mA/0.1% BW/mm2/mrad2 1)

1) Evaluated for 400 eV photon energy with a storage ring energy of 2 GeV.

Beamline: monochromator

optics: Fix focus PGM (SX700) with plane mirror, plane grating and focusing ellipsoidal mirror
groove density: 1200 lines/mm
energy range: 85 - 1800 eV
exit slit dimension: 5 - 100 µm
energy resolution (E/ΔE) : ~ 104 @ 400 eV; ~ 5 x 103 @ 900 eV
beam size: 100 x (exit slit dimension) µm2
photon flux: ~ 1012 photon/s @ 400 eV 1)

1) Measured with the Elettra storage ring working in top-up mode at 2 GeV with 300 mA of ring current.

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