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FERMI Management Page


FERMI Project Office

The FERMI Project Office supervises and coordinates the activities of the various project areas and activities, as well as of the Commissioning and Engineering Teams. The FERMI Project Office discusses and agrees the strategic goals of FERMI with the laboratory directorate and sets them in execution, by proper planning and resource assignment.
  • Project Director: Michele Svandrlik
  • Head of Physics: Luca Giannessi
  • Head of Scientific Programs: Claudio Masciovecchio
  • Head of Engineering: Dino Zangrando
  • Administrative Assistant: Romina Skabar


FERMI Machine Physics Team

The FERMI Machine Physics Team (FMPT) supervises the commissioning of FERMI; it operates in staff to the Project Office. FMPT's primary responsibilities are the preparation of detailed activity plans for the commissioning shifts and the definition of machine parameters that satisfy the requirements set by the experimental groups to carry out their experiments. The FMPT takes also care of setting up the machine ready for commissioning with users and of the training of the machine operators. The FMPT contributes directly to the commissioning by shifting in the control room, by carrying out the foreseen experimental programs and by collecting the experimental data. Furthermore, the FMPT contributes to the commissioning with users, by ensuring the optimal functionality of the FEL and by supervising the progressive involvement of operators in the commissioning with users. If required, the FMPT provides support to the specialist staff of the various systems during dedicated shifts. Subsequently, the FMPT takes care of the analysis of the collected data, of their dissemination and sharing within the team. As a consequence, the FMPT will propose improvements to the machine layout, the diagnostics, the control systems and the user interfaces. The primary objective of the members of the FMPT is to improve and to optimize the operation of the two FELs, FEL-1 and FEL-2.

The composition of the FMPT is flexible and dynamic; as of today it is as follows:
  • Enrico Allaria
  • Laura Badano
  • Davide Castronovo
  • Miltcho B. Danailov
  • Gerardo D'Auria
  • Giovanni De Ninno
  • Simone Di Mitri
  • Bruno Diviacco
  • William Fawley
  • Mario Ferianis
  • Giulio Gaio
  • Luca Giannessi (Coordinator)
  • Nicola Mahne
  • Giuseppe Penco
  • Lorenzo Raimondi
  • Claudio Serpico
  • Mauro Trovò
  • Marco Veronese
  • Marco Zangrando

Steering Board
A Steering Board has been identified within the FCT. Its role is to steer the activities during a specific run, in order to facilitate the achievement of the objectives set by the FERMI Project Office, and to support the coordination of the FCT. For this purpose, each member of the Steering Board is in charge as a reference for a specific technical or scientific topic, as described in the following list:
  • Enrico Allaria (FEL Physics)
  • Miltcho B. Danailov (Laser Systems)
  • Giovanni De Ninno (Collaborations, strategy)
  • Simone Di Mitri (e‐beam optics)
  • Bruno Diviacco (Undulators)
  • Luca Giannessi (Coordinator)
  • Giuseppe Penco (e‐beam dynamics)
  • Claudio Serpico (Radiofrequency)
  • Mauro Trovò (Injector)
  • Marco Zangrando (Photon diagnostics)

FERMI Engineering Team

The Fermi Engineering Team (FET) oversees the activities of engineering support to Fermi; it operates in staff to the Project Office. The FET supervises the engineering activities across project areas and activities, as well as the integration between different systems and a coordinated program of maintenance and spare parts. Primary responsibility of the FET is to supervise new installations and the shutdown activities.

The composition of the FET is flexible and dynamic; as of today it is as follows:

  • Coordinator: Dino Zangrando
  • Deborah Baron
  • Flavio Bavdaz
  • Roberto Bracco
  • Carlo Callegari
  • Ivan Cudin
  • Miltcho Danailov
  • Riccardo Fabris
  • Mario Ferianis
  • Paolo Furlan Radivo
  • Riccardo Gobessi
  • Giorgio Loda
  • Marco Lonza
  • Alessandro Martinolli
  • Andrea Milocco
  • Emiliano Principi
  • Luca Rumiz
  • Roberto Sauro
  • Marco Stolfa
  • Luca Sturari
  • Mauro Trovò
  • Alessandro Vascotto
  • Roberto Visintini
  • Maurizio Zaccaria
  • Marco Zangrando

FERMI Upgrade Workpackages

These are the project workpackages with the primary scope to fulfil the construction phase of FERMI, that is foreseen to end 31.12.2018, and to prepare and implement those upgrades which have been identified to be essential on the base of the commissioning experience.

They are:
  • Beamline Construction - Marco Zangrando
  • Beamline Upgrade - Marco Zangrando
  • Experimental Program Construction - Claudio Masciovecchio
  • FELs Construction - Bruno Diviacco
  • Laser Construction - Miltcho Danailov
  • Linac Upgrade - Claudio Serpico
  • Upgrades - Michele Svandrlik

FERMI Integration, Construction and Commissioning Workpackages

This includes activities related to the operation of a given machine system or to the management of experimental programs, as well as activities that support machine operation and experimental programs.

They are organized in the following project workpackages:
  • Alignment – responsible Paolo Furlan
  • Buildings - Deborah Baron
  • Cabling - Maurizio Zaccaria
  • Controls - Marco Lonza
  • Diagnostics - Mario Ferianis
  • DiProI - Flavio Capotondi
  • EIS TIMER - Claudio Masciovecchio (deputy F. Bencivenga)
  • EIS TIMEX - Claudio Masciovecchio (deputy E. Principi)
  • Electrical Plants - Alessandro Martinolli (G. Stopar)
  • Engineering - Dino Zangrando
  • Laser - Miltcho Danailov (P. Sigalotti)
  • Laser Safety and Risks Prevention - Federico Cilento
  • Layout and Configuration - Luca Sturari
  • LDM - Carlo Callegari
  • Machine Physics - Luca Giannessi
  • MAGNEDYN - Marco Malvestuto
  • Magnets - Riccardo Fabris
  • Management - Michele Svandrlik
  • Mechanical - Ivan Cudin
  • Mechanical-Fluidistic Plants - Marino Miculin
  • Metrology - Roberto Sauro
  • Operators - Stefano Krecic
  • PADReS and Beamlines - Marco Zangrando
  • PADReS and Beamlines Machine Interface - Riccardo Gobessi
  • PC Gun - Mauro Trovò
  • Power Supplies - Roberto Visintini (M. Cautero)
  • Radiation Protection - Alessandro Vascotto
  • S-band Klystron and Modulators - Paolo Delgiusto
  • S-band RF Systems - Claudio Serpico
  • Safety - Flavio Bavdaz
  • T-ReX Laboratory - Federico Cilento (F. Parmigiani)
  • TERAFERMI - Andrea Perucchi
  • Timing and Synchronization - Mario Ferianis
  • Undulators - Bruno Diviacco (R. Bracco)
  • Vacuum - Luca Rumiz
  • X-band Linac - Gerardo D'Auria
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