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1. Electron-phonon coupling in single layer MoS2
Sanjoy K. Mahatha,  Arlette S. Ngankeu,  Nicki Frank Hinsche, Ingrid Mertig, Kevin Guilloy, Peter L. Matzen, Marco Bianchi, Charlotte E. Sanders, Jill A. Miwa, Harsh Bana, Elisabetta Travaglia, Paolo Lacovig, Luca Bignardi, Rosanna Larciprete, Alessandro Baraldi, Silvano Lizzit,  Kristian Sommer Thygesen,  and Philip Hofmann
Surface Science 681, 64-69 (2019)

2. Suppression of Mirror Domains in the Epitaxial Growth of Single Layer WS2
Luca Bignardi, Daniel Lizzit, Harsh Bana,  Elisabetta Travaglia,  Paolo Lacovig,  Charlotte E. Sanders,  Maciej Dendzik,  Matteo Michiardi,  Marco Bianchi,  Moritz Ewert,  Lars Buß,  Jens Falta,  Jan Ingo Flege,  Alessandro Baraldi,  Rosanna Larciprete,  Philip Hofmann, and Silvano Lizzit
Physical Review Materials 3, 014003 (2019)

3. Metal phthalocyanines interaction with Co mediated by a moirè graphene superlattice
Giulia Avvisati, Pierluigi Gargiani, Pierluigi Mondelli, Francesco Presel, Luca Bignardi, Alessandro Baraldi, Maria Grazia Betti
Journal of Chemical Physics 150, 054704 (2019)


1. Hydrocarbon decomposition kinetics on Ir(111) surface
Holly Tetlow, Davide Curcio, Alessandro Baraldi, Lev Kantorovich
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 20, 6083 (2018).

2. The adsorption of silicon on the iridium surfaces ruling out  silicene growth
Mauro Satta, Paolo Lacovig, Nicoleta Apostol, Georgiana Nicoleta, Matteo Dalmiglio, Fabrizio Orlando, Fabrizio, Luca Bignardi, Harsh Bana, Elisabetta Travaglia, Alessandro Baraldi, Silvano Lizzit, and Rosanna Larciprete
Nanoscale 10, 7085 (2018)

3. Graphene growth by molecular beam epitaxy: an interplay between desorption, diffusion and intercalation of elemental C species on the islands
Francesco Presel, Holly Tetlow, Luca Bignardi, Paolo Lacovig, Cristian Tache, Silvano Lizzit, Lev Kantorovich and Alessandro Baraldi
Nanoscale 10, 7396 (2018)


4. Photoemission investigation of oxygen intercalated epitaxial graphene on Ru(0001)
Søren Ulstrup, Paolo Lacovig, Fabrizio Orlando, Daniel Lizzit, Luca Bignardi, Matteo Dalmiglio, Marco Bianchi, Federico Mazzola, Alessandro Baraldi, Rosanna Larciprete, Philip Hofmann, and Silvano Lizzit 
Surface Science  678, 57-64 (2018)

5. Epitaxial Growth of Single-Orientation High-Quality MoS2 Monolayers
Harsh Bana,Bana, Elisabetta Travaglia, Luca Bignardi, Paolo Lacovig, Charlotte Sanders, Macjei Dendzik, Matteo Michiardi, Marco Bianchi, Daniel Lizzit, Francesco Presel, Dario De Angelis, Nicoleta Apostol, Pranab Das, Jun Fujii, Ivana Vobornik, Rosanna Larciprete, Alessandro Baraldi, Philip Hofmann, Silvano Lizzit
2D Materials 5, 035012 (2018)

6. Superexchange pathways stabilize the magnetic coupling of MnPc with Co in a spin interface mediated by graphene
Giulia Avvisati, Pierluigi Gargiani, Pierluigi Mondelli, Francesco Presel, Alessandro Baraldi, and Maria Grazia Betti
Physical Review B 98, 115412 (2018)

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