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Coherent Signatures of non-adiabatic dynamics in ultrafast X-ray spectroscopy

Markus Kowalewsky (Stockholm University)
Thu 13 Jun, at 10:00 - Seminar Room T2

The rates and outcomes of virtually all photochemical and photobiological processes are dominated by conical intersections (CIs), which provide a fast sub-100-femtosecond nonradiative pathway back to the ground state. At a CI, the electronic and nuclear degrees of freedom frequencies are comparable and strongly mix due to the breakdown of the Born-Oppenheimer approximation. A major challenge for their direct detection is the rapidly varying gap between the electronic surfaces in their vicinity. Modern XUV/X-ray light sources provide spectral broad and temporal short pulses, which potentially allow for monitoring CIs directly. We present theoretical studies on novel spectroscopic methods, which make use of ultrashort X-Ray laser pulses. The presented methods include Raman (TRUECARS), time resolved photo electron spectroscopy and possible signatures of electronic coherences in time resolved X-Ray diffraction

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