5. Plants & Flowers
- Medium plant Lire 60,000 /5 days
- Large plant Lire 100,000 /5 days

6. Transport - Lifting

Trucks will be able to deliver materials close to the Centro Congressi - Stazione Marittima. A limited amount of storage spaces will be available upon request.

The area surrounding the congress hall belongs to the Port Authorities so cars and/or lorries should not park there.

Lift door max size is 2,00m x 1,98m

7. Parking

Special parking permits are available for lorries only, to be parked in the indicated area. Those needing car space will be able to purchase these on-site at a cost of Lire 25,000 per day.

8. Photographer

An official photographer can be made available upon request. The average cost for this service is Lire 500,000 per event. Please contact "the office" for more information.

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Photo by Ugo Borsatti, Archivio Storico "Foto Omnia"