Symposium on A pplications of Particle Detectors in
Medicine ,  
B iology and Astrophysics II 

Associated Workshop on Future
Detectors for Synchrotron-Radiation and FELs

Adriatico Guesthouse May, 27 -29, 2002
Photograph of the Sincrotrone Trieste

Abstract Submission
Special Topic:

Detectors for Future Synchrotron Radiation Sources and F.E.L.

International Organising Committee:

R.H.Menk, Sincrotrone Trieste, Italy
A.Sharma, CERN, Switzerland

H.J.Besch, University Siegen, Germany
C.Broennimann,PSI, Switzerland
R.Lewis, CLLRC, UK
A.Longoni, Politecnico Milano, Italy
S.Rah, Postec, Korea
E. Rosso, CERN, Switzerland
P.Siddons, NSLS / BNL, USA
L.Strueder, MPG, Germay
M.Suzuki, Spring8, Japan
A.Vacchi, INFN, Italy
D.J.Wang, SRRL, Taiwan

Local Organising Committee:

Fulvia Arfelli, University Trieste, Italy
H.J.Besch, University Siegen, Germany
S.Bernstorff, Sincrotrone Trieste, Italy 
K.Djinovic Carugo, Sincrotrone Trieste, Italy 
K.Grupen, University Siegen, Germany
C.Masciovecchio,Sincrotrone Trieste, Italy
H.Plothow- Besch, University Siegen, Germany
A.Vacchi, INFN Trieste, Italy

Invited Speakers: ( tentative )

A.Breskin, Weizmann Institute, Israel
R.Bellazzini, INFN Pisa, Italy
A.Brez, INFN Pisa, Italy
M.Campbell, CERN, Switzerland
E. Castelli, University Trieste, Italy
G.di Cocco, ITESRE, Italy
E.Costa, ITESRE, Italy
M.Degano, Sincrotrone Trieste, Italy
A.Gorin, IHEP, Russia
H.Graafsma, ESRF, France
 P.Laggner , Austrian Academy of Science
B. Mikulec, CERN, Switzerland
F.Parmigiani, INFM, Italy
F.Sauli, CERN, Switzerland
C. Schulze-Briese, PSI Switzerland
G.Smith, Brookhaven National Lab, USA
V.Sossi, University of British Columbia, Canada
M.Suzuki, Spring 8, Japan
D.Toyokawa, Spring 8, Japan
P.Ubertini, CNR, Italy
A.H.Walenta,  University Siegen, Germany
P.Weilhammer, CERN, Switzerland
Public Evening 

for further information and question please contact the conference secretary ++39 040 8522 or

Sponsored by the 
Round Table of SR
University Siegen, Germany
Sincrotrone Trieste, Italy