ElettraWiFi is the wireless network for Elettra staff. You can ask for connecting to it filling the usual Lan connection Request form specifying both the hardware addresses of your wired and wireless computer boards.
If you already filled this form for your wired connection, simply send us an e-mail with your computer network name (or IP address: i.e. and wireless board hardware address (i.e.: 00:c2:d7:aa:f3:34)

Windows: How to check if wireless network is present?

If your wireless board is enabled and you want to check if the Elettra wireless network is available, click the wireless icon on the taskbar (first one) 

windows screenshot notification area 

and press View Wireless Networks button in the window that will appear. If ElettraWifi is among the displayed networks, you can continue.

windows screenshot select wifi network


Now, double click on ElettraWiFi and the following window will appear:

windows screenshot insert wifi password

Give the network password (provided by Servizio Informatico) and that'all.

Mac OS X: How to check if wireless network is present?

  1. From the Finder top menu bar on a right side of screen find the Aiport icon.

    macosx screenshot notification area
  2. Clic on and turn on Airport.
  3. Clic again on this icon and choose the ElettraWifi.

    macosx screenshot select wifi network
  4. In the new window type the ElettraWifi password: xxxx

    macosx screenshot insert wifi password

  5. Then click OK.
  6. Now you are connected to the Elettra wifi network.

See Mac OS X section!

Last Updated on Thursday, 24 June 2021 14:39