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Workshop MOST 2020

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(ph. Foto Massimo Goina)


Trieste, 20-21 January 2020

MOST 2020, the workshop organized by Cnr-Iom, in collaboration with Cnr-Ism, Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste, CERIC-ERIC and SILS has ended today.
In the course of this two-day event, the new MOST (MOlecular Science&Technology) beamline was presented and the interests of the Italian scientific community canvassed, to highlight emerging issues in the next 5-10 years.

MOST will result from the merger of two lines, Gas Phase Photoemission and Circular Polarization, and will use advanced optical design and technologies, for better and improved performance. The project is part of Elettra 2.0, the synchrotron ring upgrade in plan for 2025.
During the workshop, the researchers of the Gas Phase Photoemission and Circular Polarization lines have presented their work and the prospects for the new beamline.







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