All information on safety at Elettra can be found on the intranet, under "activities", prevention and safety. We encourage users and internal staff to consult the Prevention and Safety section of Elettra - Sincrotrone Trieste website, where you will find a comprehensive collection of procedures and safety instructions. You will also find instructions on how to manage an emergency, first aid numbers, as well as a dedicated page on COVID-19.


Safety forms to be read and signed by BACH users before the access

1) CNR-IOM Safety Page:
Please read the Entry Procedures for Reopening the Structures of the CNR-IOM Headquarters in Trieste
Please download, read carefully and sign the 'Declaration for access (external personnel only)' and send it to  (cc: BACH Local Contact) before your arrival specifying in the email the period of your access (date of arrival and departure).

2) Elettra Safety Page:
Please download, read, print and sign the 'COVID self-declaration form for new employees, guests, collaborators, suppliers and users'. Bring this document with you at your arrival at Elettra. This form should be shown at the Elettra entrance gate.

3) BACH: Please print and sign the present Safety page and send it back via e-mail to the BACH Local Contact before your arrival.

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