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Gap opening and orbital character in Ba(Fe1-xCox)2As2

Polarization-dependent ARPES measurements performed at low photon energy along high-symmetry directions in the Brillouin zone made it possible to get new insight into the role of the five Fe 3d orbitals in the complex electronic structure of Ba(Fe1−xCox)2As2 close to the Fermi level, and in particular, into the nature of the holelike pockets. Two distinct inner α pockets could be disentangled, suggesting that their origin is probably due to hybridized dxz and dyz, while the complex outer β pocket is mainly of dz2 nature.
The observation of momentum- and band-dependent superconducting gaps allowed us to detect the gap opening across Tc for both α and β pockets. These results confirm that the superconducting order parameter is consistent with a s± symmetry, and suggest that multiple harmonic terms may be included in its description.

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Orbital nature of the hole-like Fermi surface in superconducting Ba(Fe1−xCox)2As2
B. Mansart, V. Brouet, E. Papalazarou, M. Fuglsang Jensen, L. Petaccia, S. Gorovikov, A.N. Grum-Grzhimailo, F. Rullier-Albenque, A. Forget, D. Colson, M. Marsi,
Phys. Rev. B 83, 064516 (2011).
doi: 10.1103/PhysRevB.83.064516

Opening of the superconducting gap in the hole pockets of Ba(Fe1−xCox)2As2 as seen via angle-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy
B. Mansart, E. Papalazarou, M. Fuglsang Jensen, V. Brouet, L. Petaccia, L. de Medici, G. Sangiovanni, F. Rullier-Albenque, A. Forget, D. Colson, M. Marsi,
Phys. Rev. B 85, 144508 (2012).
doi: 10.1103/PhysRevB.85.144508
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