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  1. A first evaluation of the analytical capabilities of the new X-ray fluorescence facility at International Atomic Energy Agency-Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste for multipurpose total reflection X-ray fluorescence analysis
    Marguí E., Hidalgo M., Migliori A., Leani J.J., Queralt I., Kallithrakas-Kontos N., Streli C., Prost J., Karydas A.G.
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  2. An IAEA multi-technique X-ray spectrometry endstation at Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste: benchmarking results and interdisciplinary applications
    Karydas A.G., Czyzycki M., Leani J. J., Migliori A., Osan J., Bogovac M., Wrobel P., Vakula N., Padilla-Alvarez R., Menk R.H., Gol M. G., Antonelli M., Tiwari M. K., Caliri C., Vogel-Mikuš K., Darby I., Kaiser R.B.
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  3. Comparison of multiple X-ray fluorescence techniques for elemental analysis of particulate matter collected on air filters
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  4. Grazing incident X-ray fluorescence combined with X-ray reflectometry metrology protocol of telluride-based films using in-lab and synchrotron instruments
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  5. Molecular and elemental effects underlying the biochemical action of transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) in appetite control
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  6. Morphological and Functional Modifications of Optical Thin Films for Space Applications Irradiated with Low-Energy Helium Ions
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  7. Quantification of 2D elemental distribution maps of intermediate-thick biological sections by low
    Kump P., K. Vogel-Mikuš
    Journal of Instrumentation, Vol. 13 - 5, C05014 (2018)
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  8. Rigorous calculations and synchrotron radiation measurements of diffraction efficiencies for tender X-ray lamellar gratings: conical versus classical diffraction
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  9. Study of ultrathin Pt/Co/Pt trilayers modified by nanosecond XUV pulses from laser-driven plasma source
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  10. Surface impurities on giant gypsum crystals from “la Cueva de las Espadas” (Cave of Swords), Naica, Mexico
    Castillo-Sandoval I., Fuentes-Cobas L.E., Pérez-Cazares B.E., Esparza-Ponce H.E., Fuentes-Montero M.E., Castillo-Michel H., Eichert D., Reyes-Cortes I., Carreño-Márquez I.J., Napoles-Duarte J.M., Montero-Cabrera M.E.
    Mineralogy and Petrology, Vol. 112 - 6, pp. 865-879 (2018)
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  11. Synchrotron radiation induced X-ray production cross sections of 66Dy at energies across its Li (i = 1–3) subshell absorption edges
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  12. Synchrotron radiation total reflection X-ray fluorescence (SR-TXRF) and X-ray absorption near edge structure (XANES) of fractionated air particulates collected from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
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  13. Temporary implementation and testing of a confocal SR-μXRF system for bone analysis at the X-ray Fluorescence beamline at Elettra
    Perneczky L., Rauwolf M., Ingerle D., Eichert D., Brigidi F., Jark W., Bjeoumikhova S., Pepponi G., Wobrauschek P., Streli C., Turyanskaya A.
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  14. X-ray reflectometry and grazing-incidence X-ray fluorescence characterization of innovative electrodes for tantalum-based resistive random access memories
    Nolot E., Caby B., Gassilloud R., Veillerot M., Eichert D.
    Spectrochimica Acta - Part B Atomic Spectroscopy, Vol. 149, pp. 71-75 (2018)
    doi: 10.1016/j.sab.2018.07.017 (Journal Article)
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