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  1. 2016 Atomic Spectrometry Update-a review of advances in X-ray fluorescence spectrometry and its applications
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  2. A new generation of x-ray spectrometry UHV instruments at the SR facilities BESSY II, ELETTRA and SOLEIL
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  4. LabVIEW interface with Tango control system for a multi-technique X-ray spectrometry IAEA beamline end-station at Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste
    Wrobel P.M., Bogovac M., Sghaier H., Leani J.J., Migliori A., Padilla-Alvarez R., Czyzycki M., Osan J., Kaiser R.B., Karydas A.G.
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  6. Trace elements and As speciation analysis of fly ash samples from an Indonesian coal power plant by means of neutron activation analysis and synchrotron based techniques
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