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Gabriel-type Gasdetector

The data of this detector are stored in a special HCI-data format.

HCI2XX.exe  is a program to convert HCI-data (Longint-4 Byte Format) into either ASCII-Lists or OTOKO-Files.
How do I use it?
This program needs as an input a list of all files, which you desire to convert. This list has to be in ASCII-format, where the file-names are listed one underneath the other.
Tipp: In DOS you can create such a list very easily, e.g. by giving the comand "dir/b *.dat > list.txt." The option "/b" makes sure that only the bare file-names are listed (no other information like date, time etc.) and the bigger as symbol ">" directs the result of the command to be written in the file "list.txt". Other options like "/o:n" 'order list by name' may be useful, but not necessary.
The further procedure is straight forward: you open the program HCI2XX.exe by typing its name, you type in the name of the file-list, e.g. "list.txt", when the programme prompts to do so, and finally you give your choice of conversion type.
What do I get?
In the order of the file-listing the HCI-files are converted. If you choose as output "ASCII-lists", each HCI-file is converted into onecolumn of numbers, independent of how many frames the HCI-file contained. If you wish the data to be in a table-form, you have to do it on your own. The names of the ASCII-files remain the same, but only the extension is different, i.e. *.asc.
In case you choose as output "OTOKO-files" the conversion results in two files for each HCI-file. In the header-file (aNN000.ext) the comment is given, which file has been converted, and also the name of the data-file (aNN001.ext) as well as the number of frames are registered. The Extension of the OTOKO-filenames are free in choice and also the first number "NN" in the filename, which increments in steps of one. For instance with ext = "oto" and first NN = "8", the name of the first converted file will be a08000.oto, the second a09000.oto ...etc."
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