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Austrian SAXS Beamline

Interested scientists are encouraged to get in touch with us local contacts to discuss all issues regarding possible experiments, their feasibility and the preparation of a beam time proposal. We will be happy to provide advice and feedback both on scientific and technical matters.

Sigrid BERNSTORFF (Elettra - Responsibile SAXS beamline scientist)

Work: +39 040-375-8572
Work: +39 040-375-8363
Mobile: +39 335-1272636
Heinz Wilfried AMENITSCH (TU Graz - Responsibile SAXS beamline scientist)

Work: +39 040-375-8044
Work: +39 040-375-8363
Fax: +39 040-375-8565
Benedetta MARMIROLI (TU Graz - responsable for DXRL technique)

Work: +39 040-375-8467
Work: +39 040-375-8363
Work: +39 040-375-8076
Barbara SARTORI (TU Graz - responsable for offline SAXS support laboratory)

Work: +39 040-375-8708
Work: +39 040-375-8204

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