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Beamline staff

Giuliana TROMBA (coordinator)

Work: +39 040-375-8587
Work: +39 040-375-8096
Mobile: +39 335-1272681
Nicola SODINI (technician in charge)

Work: +39 040-375-8733
Work: +39 040-375-8096
Work: +39 040-375-8567
Diego DREOSSI (scientist in charge)

Work: +39 040-375-8036
Work: +39 040-375-8096
Work: +39 040-375-8765
Work: +39 040-375-8295
Franco ZANINI (scientist in charge)

Work: +39 040-375-8096
Work: +39 040-375-8558
Lucia MANCINI (scientist in charge)

Work: +39 040-375-8765
Work: +39 040-375-8248
Work: +39 040-375-8096
Mobile: +39 331-6374695
Francesca DI LILLO (postdoc fellow)

Work: +39 040-375-8848


Renata Longo (University of Trieste - I.N.F.N)
Email: renata.longo@ts.infn.it

Fulvia Arfelli (University of Trieste - I.N.F.N),
Email: fulvia.arfelli@ts.infn.it

Luigi Rigon (University of Trieste - I.N.F.N)
Email: luigi.rigon@ts.infn.it

Luca Brombal (University of Trieste - I.N.F.N)
Email: luca.brombal@ts.infn.it

Lucia Mariel Arana Pena (University of Trieste - I.N.F.N)
Email: lucia.arana@ts.infn.it

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