DXRL Publications


  1. Direct X-ray and electron-beam lithography of halogenated zeolitic imidazolate frameworks
    Tu M., Xia B., Kravchenko D.E., Tietze M.L., Cruz A.J., Stassen I., Hauffman T., Teyssandier J., De Feyter S., Wang Z., Fischer R.A., Marmiroli B., Amenitsch H., Torvisco A., Velásquez-Hernández M.J., Falcaro P., Ameloot R.
    Nature Materials, Vol. 20 - 1, pp. 93-99 (2021)
    doi: 10.1038/s41563-020-00827-x (Journal Article)
  2. Functionalized mesoporous thin films for biotechnology
    Sartori B., Amenitsch H., Marmiroli B.
    Micromachines, Vol. 12 - 7, pp. 740-1-740-17 (2021)
    doi: 10.3390/mi12070740 (Journal Article)
  3. Structural Study of the Hydration of Lipid Membranes Upon Interaction With Mesoporous Supports Prepared by Standard Methods and/or X-Ray Irradiation
    Marmiroli B., Sartori B., Kyvik A.R., Ratera I., Amenitsch H.
    Frontiers in Materials, Vol. 8, pp. article-686353 (2021)
    doi: 10.3389/fmats.2021.686353 (Journal Article)
  4. Structural and Mechanical Properties of Silica Mesoporous Films Synthesized Using Deep X-Rays: Implications in the Construction of Devices
    Steinberg P.Y., Lionello D.F., Medone Acosta D.E., Zalduendo M.M., Amenitsch H., Granja L.P., Marmiroli B., Angelomé P.C., Fuertes M.C.
    Frontiers in Materials, Vol. 8, pp. 628245-1-628245-13 (2021)
    doi: 10.3389/fmats.2021.628245 (Journal Article)
  5. microDrop: a system for high-throughput small-angle X-ray scattering measurements of microlitre samples
    Haider R, Sartori B, Radeticchio A, Wolf M, Dal Zilio S, Marmiroli B, Amenitsch H
    Journal of Applied Crystallography, Vol. 54, pp. 132-141 (2021)
    doi: 10.1107/S1600576720014788 (Journal Article)
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