Industrial Applications




INFM, Elettra, Mechatronic Systemtechnik GmbH and Microspace S.r.l. are collaborating to design and fabricate a working prototype of a microturbine stainless steel rotor for the production of electrical energy from a pressurised gas. The idea is to implement this system on satellites to supply the installed instrumentation, the satellite control and communication systems with the required power. For a small satellite this is in the range of 10 – 100 W, for the nano or microsatellites a power of 10 W is an upper limit due to the volume and mass available for the batteries




INFM, Elettra, Universita" della Magna Grecia and Don Gnocchi Ricerche are  collaborating to design fabricate and characterize  a working prototype of a miniaturized system for transdermal drug delivery. To deliver desired quantities of water-suspended drug, a transdermal delivery system was designed to combine a microgear pump with an array of microneedles stacked on top of each other. The aim is to deliver in a more localized  way smaller quantities of prescribed drug in precise times in order to improve therapeutic effects and avoid negative side-effects linked to uncontrolled mass delivery



 The Elettra Pinhole Array imaging Systems (PAIS) is a simple extension  of a pinhole camera extension system. Instead of a single pinhole the system integrates 50 equidistant pinholes of 50 microns diameter on a copper foil. The PAIS allows measuring the main characteristics of the bending magnet radiation as the source size, the vertical opeinig angle, the position of the source and the emission angle. The images detected by the CCD camera are also used to monitor the transverse and longitudinal beam instabilities.



LIGA process allows to fabricate high precision electrodes to use in the EDM (Electro Discharge Machining) machines.
The copper  electrodes are fabricated in small batches with the electrodeposition process.

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