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Nanospectroscopy Beamline Description

Beamline flux

The experimental flux curves for a storage ring energy of 2.0 GeV are shown below for linear horizontal and circular polarisation (corresponding to the undulator phase set to 0 mm and 35 mm, respectively), normalized to 200 mA ring current. The data were collected with a photodiode inserted after the exit slit, which was opened to 10 μm (best energy resolution). In the case of the horizontal polarisation, the beamline delivers more than 1012 ph/s in an energy range extending from 50 to 600 eV. The maximum value of 1.8 x 1013 ph/s is reached at 145 eV. When considering the photon flux on the sample, the above figures have to be decreased by a factor of 0.7 for the first branch and 0.5 for the second one.

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