High pressure chamber for catalysis studies at Nanospectroscopy

A high pressure chamber (HPC) has been developed in collaboration with E. Bauer (Arizona State University) and M.S. Altman (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology) is available as ancillary chamber for the SPELEEM microscope. The HPC can operate at mbar pressures, carring out mass spectrometry TAP (temporal analysis of reaction products). This is possible thanks to a double differential stage for pumping the quadrupole mass spectrometer. We have successfully commissioned the HPC in fall 2012. In spring 2013 the chamber will be used to study the reactivity of nano-sized metal clusters supported on oxide thin films. The SPELEEM will be used to characterize the surface before and after chemical reactions.

Facilities available

  • Retractable manipulator with e-beam heating stage.
  • Custom developed Ti cartridge with Ir filmaent for sample heating (up to 350°C at high pressures), 1600 in UHV.
  • Residual gas analyzer (Stanford research System RGA100), with single (default) or double (optional) pumping stage
  • Fas pulse valves with capillary tube to deliver the pressure pulse to the specimen. Pressure pulsing is synchronized to RGA data acquisition.
  • Gas line for serving the pulse valves and 2 precision leak valves (Varian)
  • Cold cathode, pirani and capacitance pressure sensors (Pfeiffer)


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