SPELEEM HV conditioning

The following conditioning procedure must be followed only after venting and bake-out. Total time about 6 hours.

part 1: HV ramp up to 18kV:

  1. from 0-5kV: slowly in one run of 5mins.

  2. from 5-15kV: 1 kV step every 15 mins.

  3. @15kV: perform analyzer ramping.

  4. from 15-18kV: 0.5kV step every 15 mins.

NOTE: In the case of arcs (HV breakdowns), wait before incresing further the HV. Watch carefully the MCH and COL pressures and increase HV only when the gauge indicates that pressure is back to the normal value (chamber base pressure).

part 2: energy analyzer ramping

You can now run the analyzer's electrodes simultanously:

  • Bias 200V steps in 10 mins (4x) = 800V

  • Ret.L (L1) 1.5kV steps in 10 mins (4x) = 6.000V

  • inner L (L2) 1kV steps in 10 mins (4x) = 4.000V

  • Acc, L 500V steps in 10 mins (4x) = 2.000V

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