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Little Manual of the SAXS-beamline


    Checklist:    ! follow carefully point after point !

1.   Close valves and shutters using the program RW_BCS1.VI. For this, press the CLOSE BL button, which displays CLOSE then.
      Now initiate the process of closing the beamline by activating the program (press "=>" in the upper left corner).

The valves and shutters close in the following order:
                         photon shutter 1
                         photon shutter 2
                         gate valve 8 keV
                         gate valve 3b
(gate valves 1b & 2b will - and have to - remain always open !)

2.  Close the two yellow hand valves of the sample stage vacuum and turn off the two pumps.

3.  Leave the detectors and computers running, we will switch them off later.

4.  In case you are the last party at work at our front end, you have to set yourself into Experiment (use RW_BCS1.VI) to close first the front end shutter and then the front end stopper (with same program). Then you MUST set yourself into Local again (use RW_BCS1.VI), so that the front end stopper and front end shutter can be activated by the XRD-beamline staff below, in case they return before you!

5.  In case you are not the last party at work, check that you are set in Local and do not forget to inform the Diffraction Beamline (tel. 8355), that you leave now. They will take care then of the procedure of point 4.

6.  Lock the hutch exit door with the 'key Nr. 34 of the Control room beamline 5.2-SAXS". Bring this key Nr. 34  to the guard at the main exit and go home.
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