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  1. 3D spatially controlled chemical functionalization on alumina membranes
    Falcaro P., Trinchi A., Doherty C., Buso D., Costacurta S., Hill A.J., Patelli A., Scopece P., Marmiroli B., Amenistch H., Lasio B., Pinna A., Innocenzi P., Malfatti L.
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  2. An Optimized Table-Top Small-Angle X-ray Scattering Set-up for the Nanoscale Structural Analysis of Soft Matter
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  16. Human Hsp60 with Its Mitochondrial Import Signal Occurs in Solution as Heptamers and Tetradecamers Remarkably Stable over a Wide Range of Concentrations
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  29. Structural transitions in asymmetric poly(styrene)-block -poly(lactide) thin films induced by solvent vapor exposure
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  30. Synchrotron X-ray investigation of the layer spacing in a series of low molar mass bi-mesogen organosiloxane smectic materials
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  32. Timescales of self-healing in human bone tissue and polymeric ionic liquids
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    Bioinspired, Biomimetic and Nanobiomaterials, Vol. 3 - 3, pp. 123-130 (2014)
    doi: 10.1680/bbn.14.00007 (Journal Article)
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