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Scientific applications

Low Contrast Solution Scattering, Grazing Incidence Surface Diffraction, Micro-Spot Scanning, X-ray Fluorescence Analysis, Time-Resolved Studies > 11 µs and Simultaneously Performed Small- and Wide-Angle Measurements (SWAXS) on:

·      Gels and colloids
·      Liquid Crystals
·      (Bio) Polymers
·      Amorphous Materials
·      Muscles
·      Proteins
·      Metals, cements, oils
·      Quantum dots
·      and much more ...

Source characteristics

The photons are provided by a Wiggler (NdFeB Hybrid) with the following specifications:

Period: 140 mm
Number of full poles: 57
Gap: 20 mm
Bmax: 1.607 T
Critical Energy Ec: 4.27 eV   (at 2 GeV)
Power (9 mrad): 8.6 kW   (at 2 GeV, 400 mA)
effective source size FWHM: 3.9 x 0.26 mm2(HxV)   (at 2 GeV, 400 mA)



Double crystal monochromator:  18.4 m from source, Si (111) asym. cut, water cooled
Focussing mirror: 26.5 m from source, two segments, toroidal, Pt coated
Acceptance: 1 mrad/0.3 mrad (HxV)
Energy (3 selectable): 5.4, 8, 16 keV (0.077, 0.154, 0.23 nm)
Energy resolution deltaE/E: 0.7-2.5 x 10-3
Focal spot size FWHM: 1.2 x 0.6 mm2 (HxV)
Spot at Sample FWHM: < 1.4 x 1.8 mm2(HxV) (using slits or pinhole)
smallest possible spot: 10 µm
Flux at sample: 1 x 1013 ph s-1 (2 GeV, 400 mA, 8 keV)
Flux density at sample: 1 x 1012  ph s-1 mm-2  (2 GeV, 400 mA, 8 keV)

Experimental resolution

Small angle:
Real space: 1-140 nm 

Wide angle:
0.1- 0.9 nm 


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