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Beamline: insertion device

source: one 3-section undulator 12.506 cm period
polarisation: horizontal
energy range: 16-1000 eV
number of periods 36
Deflection parameter K < 5.3
Source size (sigma) 243 x 56 mm2 (H x V) at 100 eV
Source divergence (sigma) 74 x 70 mrad2 (H x V) at 100 eV

Beamline: monocromator

type: spherical grating monochromator
number of gratings: 5
pre-focussing mirrors: 2 spherical
refocussing mirror toroidal
energy Range 20-750 eV
resolving power: 20 000 @ 65 eV, 
15 000 @ 400 eV


Preparation chamber

base pressure low 10-10 mbar
manipulator's degrees of freedom 5
temperatures 100-160 to 400K (to 2500K in a separated heating station)
  • “in situ” UHV samples preparation
  • Low energy electron diffraction
  • Ion sputtering
  • Annealing
  • Gas lines
  • Metal beam epitaxy
  • Microbalance

Heating station

  • High temperature (2500K) annealing
  • CVD (chemical vapor deposition) up to 10-3 mbar
  • Magnetizing coil


Main chamber

base pressure 10-11 mbar
manipulator's degrees of freedom 5 (motorized azimuthal angle motion)
temperatures 9 - 450K on vertical manipulator

Scienta R4000 Analyzer

  • 30 degrees angle range (670 channels in parallel acquisition)
  • Angle resolution from 0.1°
  • Energy resolution from 1 to 10 meV


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