VUV contacts

The users of VUV beamline are encouraged to get in touch with the local contacts to discuss all issues regarding the experiments, their feasibility and the preparation of a proposal. We will be happy to provide advice and feedback on both scientific and technical matters.

VUV beamline  
from inside 8332 (extension)
from outside +39 040 375 8332

photoPaolo MORAS (Beamline coordinator | Researcher ISM CNR)

Work: +39 040-375-6497
Work: +39 040-375-8332
photoPolina SHEVERDYAEVA (Researcher ISM CNR)

Work: +39 040-375-6497
Work: +39 040-375-8332
photoMatteo JUGOVAC (PostDoc ISM CNR)

Work: +39 040-375-8685
Work: +39 040-375-8308
Work: +39 040-375-8378


Visiting and former members

Brookhaven National Laboratory, USA
Dr. Asish K. Kundu
Institut for Fysik og Astronomi, Aarhus C, Denmark
Dr. Sanjoy Kr. Mahatha
Istituto Nanoscienze CNR-NANO-S3, Modena, Italy
Dr. Valerio Bellini  
Università della Calabria, Cosenza, Italy
Dr. Daniela Pacilè  
Dr. Marco Papagno  
Istituto dei Sistemi Complessi CNR, Roma, Italy  
Dr. Luisa Ferrari  
Central Glass and Ceramic Research Institute (CGCRI), Kolkata, India
Dr. Dinesh Topwal  

Useful Phone Numbers

call esternal numbers from inside dial 0 and then the number, 040 is the Trieste city code
call abroad not possible from the beamline
Control room
Main Gate
Entrance Gate

U.O. Magazzino e Ricevimento Merci

User Office  
Michela Bassanese +39 040 375 8628
Letizia Pierandrei +39 040 375 8538
Ornela Zulma De Giacomo +39 040 375 8534
Center Hotel  +39 040 9221334
Pizza (syncrotrone delivery 3 euro) +39 040 572111
Radio Taxi +39 040 307730
Taxi Alabarda +39 040 390039 
Other beamlines at Elettra  

Shipping Parcels

The costs of transportation (including return!), insurance, taxes and customs must be paid by the user affiliation. In order to avoid delay in receiving materials, we recommend you to write clearly the name of your local contact(s) at VUV Photoemission beamline, with his/her internal phone number. It is strongly advised to e-mail us the tracking number of your parcel. When you need to have back your samples and instrumentation, please email us the name of your Courier/Carrier and the Customer Code (Codice Cliente) of your affiliation.

In the case you need to send equipment or samples to the VUV photoemission beamline, please follow the instructions below. The name of the addressee (yourself or the local contact) should be clearly written on the parcel and on the delivery note accompanying it. Please, write down the address in the following format.

Name(s) and phone number of the reference person

Istituto di Struttura della Materia - CNR
Strada Statale 14, km 163,5 AREA Science Park Basovizza
34149 Basovizza, Trieste
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