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XRD1 Highlights

Single-Crystal Structure Determination of Hydrogen-bonded Organic Pigments

Hydrogen-bonded pigments are a class of industrial colorants that have recently emerged as highly promising electronic materials. Elucidating the crystalline structure of these materials is crucial to understand the mechanisms of charge transport and optimizing them for electronics. High-resolution X-ray diffraction using Elettra synchrotron radiation has allowed the unraveling of a crystal structure that has remained mysterious for decades, and has also been used to characterize novel hydrogen-bonded pigments. Retrieve article

Epindolidiones—Versatile and Stable Hydrogen-Bonded Pigments for Organic Field-Effect Transistors and Light-Emitting Diodes, Glowacki ED, Romanazzi G, Yumusak C, Coskun H, Monkowius U, Voss G, Burian M, Lechner RT, Demitri N, Redhammer GJ, Sünger N, Suranna GP, Sariciftci S
Advanced Functional Materials, Vol. 25 - 5, pp. 776-787 (2015); doi: 10.1002/adfm.201402539

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