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Thesis Works by Type

Ph.D. Thesis Graduates (by Year)

“In search of selective excitations for studying out-of-equilibrium properties in strongly correlated electron systems and high temperature superconductors”
by Fabio Novelli (English)

“Dimensionality and ordering effects on the electronic structure of low dimensional strongly correlated electron transition metal oxides”
by Valentina Capogrosso (English)

“Non-equilibrium Phase Diagram of Bi2212 Cuprate Superconductors revealed by ultrafast optical spectroscopy”
by Federico Cilento (English)

“Disclosing the ultrafast dynamics of competing phases in high-temperature superconductors by time-resolved optical spectroscopy”
by Giacomo Coslovich (English)

"The role of the electron recoiling mechanism in coherent light high-order harmonics generation: from the source to the applications”
by Alberto Simoncig (English)

Master Thesis Graduates (by Year)

Meccanismi di Scattering negli stati elettronici otticamente eccitati di due sistemi topologicamente protetti Sb2Te3 e Sb2Te
by Barbara Casarin (English)

“Studio della dinamica delle quasi-particelle eccitate alla superficie di materiali Rashba di volume”

by Marta Zonno (English)

“Pulsed homodyne detection for quantum state reconstruction applied to ultrafast non-equilibrium spectroscopy”
by Francesco Randi (English)

“Design and experimental realization of a pulsed homodyne detector for optical quantum states characterization “
by Martina Esposito (English)

“Interplay between the drude electrons lifetime and plasma frequency
in the non-equilibrium optical properties of high-temperature superconductors”
by Tadesse Abebaw (English)

"Caratterizzazione e commissioning di una Streak Camera per misure di impulsi X ultracorti"
by Luca Piazza (Italian)

"Toward the observation of ultrafast demagnetization by high harmonic generated ultraviolet coherent pulses"
by Giulio Vampa (English)

"Toward a comprehensive picture of the orbital polarization and the magnetic properties of ruthenates"
by Lorenzo Galli (English)

"Non-equilibrium infrared optical spectroscopy of High TC superconductors"
by Davide Bossini (English)

"Preliminary measurements of the spin-radial component of the Au(111) Shockley surface states"
by Sergio Vlaic (English)

"Study of the ultrafast electronic dynamics of a retinal protein chromophore"
by Anna Maria Novello (Italian)

"Study of Non-Perturbative versus Tunneling Regimes for High Harmonic Generation in Noble Gases by Ultrashort Coherent Light Pulses"
by Antonio Caretta (English)

"Observation of coherent phonons induced by the photo-excitation of the Zhang-Rice singlet in CuGeO3"
by Cristina Consani (English)

"Time dependent dielectric function of photo-excited CuGeO3
by Alberto Crepaldi (English)

Bachelor Thesis Graduates (by Year)

“Studio dell'effetto Franz-Keldysh tramite tecniche spettroscopiche nel dominio dei tempi in GaAs”
by Francesca Giusti

“Studio delle delle dinamiche ultraveloci della banda di charge-transfer in La2CuO4 tramite esperimenti di pump&probe”
by Enrico Sindici

“Interferometria di impulsi ultracorti di luce infrarossa”
by Marta Zonno

“Generazione e caratterizzazione di un impulso supercontinuo di luce bianca”
by Francesco Randi 

"Spin-Resolved Two-Photons Photoemission of the Au(111) Surface States"
by Lorenzo Galli (Italian)

"Generation of Light Pulses in the Extreme UV (30-60nm)"
by Giulio Vampa (Italian)

"Retinal Isomerization Efficiency as a Function of Absorbed Photon Energy"
by Maria Ricci (Italian)

"Generation of Ultrafast X and UV Pulses by means of Nonlinear Optical Processes in Gases"
by Luca Postregna (Italian)

"Generation of Ultrashort Light Pulses in the UV Spectral Range"
by Anna Maria Novello (italian)
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