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The deadline for abstract submission has been extended to March 31, 2009.
Abstracts should be submitted to radsynch09@elettra.trieste.it.
Please write in the subject the word "radsynch_abstract" plus "Your name" (e.g. radsynch_abstract_Rossi), and make sure that the attached document does not exceed 2.5Mb, otherwise it will be refused by our mailer system.
Accepted format are .doc, .rtf or .pdf; a compressed (.zip) version of the abstract is also accepted.
To have a common layout, please download the abstract template.

Submitted abstracts

  1. Accuracy of Dose Measurements at BESSYII and MLS, H. Glass, M. Martin, K. Ott, and D. Schüler
  2. Activation Analysis of Soil, Air and Water near the NSLS II Accelerator Enclosures, P. K. Job and W. R. Casey
  3. ALARA Analysis of NSLS-II Shield Designs, W. R. Casey and P. K. Job
  4. Bulk shielding design for the MAX IV facility, M. Lundin and B. Schröder
  5. Commissioning of CLS Phase II beamlines, M. Benmerrouche, L. Cowles, G. Cubbon and A. Hodges
  6. Development and Experimental Performance Evaluation of a Dose-Rate meter for Pulsed Beam, A. Vascotto, M. Ballerini, G. Merlino, K. Casarin, S. Sbarra
  7. Direct gas-bremsstrahlung measurements on an in vacuum ID beam line at SOLEIL, P. Berkvens, F. Justine, C. Mage, J-B. Pruvost
  8. Dose rate considerations for the BMIT POE3, J. Asai, T. W. Wysokinski, D. Chapman and C. Mullin
  9. Experiences From First Top-Off Injection At The Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Lightsource, J. M. Bauer, J. C. Liu, A. A. Prinz and S. H. Rokni
  10. LNLS radiological safety improvements, R. Madacki
  11. Measurements of gamma spectra and dose rates depending on the gap size of a super conducting in-vacuum undulator, I. Birkel
  12. On the unfolding problem in neutron spectrometry around high-energy electron facilities, A. Esposito, R. Bedogni
  13. Radiation Protection at the PETRA III Photon Beam Lines, J. Knabe, S. Lessmann-Bassen, A. Wefer, T. Wroblewski
  14. Radiation Protection Concept and Commissioning of the PETRA III Storage Ring, A. Leuschner
  15. Radiation Safety Considerations for the TPS Accelerators, R. J. Sheu, J. Liu and J. P. Wang
  16. Radiation Safety issues for the PF-AR in KEK, H. Nakamura, Y. Namito, K. Iijima and S. Ban
  17. Radiation Safety System of Shanghai Synchrotron Radiation Facility, X. Xia, X. Xu, J. Xu, J. Cai, J. Wang and X. Liu
  18. Radiological studies during the ALBA Linac commissioning, F.Fernández and X. Queralt
  19. Radiological studies during the conditioning of the RF cavity for the ALBA Storage Ring, F. Fernández, J. Sentkerestiova and X. Queralt
  20. Safety issues related to the SSRT project at the ESRF, J. F. Adam, P. Berkvens, A. Bravin, F. Esteve, C. Nemoz, Y. Prezado, M. Renier & H. Requardt
  21. Shielding Design for the Imaging and Medical Therapy Beamline at the Australian Synchrotron, P. Berkvens and D. Häusermann
  22. Shielding Design of the SPring-8 XFEL Facility, Y. Asano and T. Itoga
  23. Simulation of Gas Bremsstrahlung Radiation from APS Undulator Straight Sections using MARS, J. Dooling and L. Emery
  24. Study the Effectiveness of Thin Low-Z Scrapers in the Electron Storage Rings, P. K. Job, S. Kramer and W. R. Casey
  25. The FERMI project @ Elettra: radiation protection and safety issues, G. Tromba, K. Casarin, F. Longo, E. Quai and A. Vascotto
  26. The Radiation Monitor PANDORA (LB 6419) at PETRA III, A. Leuschner, W. Clement, T. Häupke, M. Kirsch, A. Klett, K.P. Klimek, M. Lomperski, M. Morgenstern, M. Sachwitz, N. Tesch
  27. The SYRMA project for clinical mammography @ Elettra: Safety, Control and Supervision systems, A. Abrami, V. Chenda, K. Casarin, D. Dreossi, E. Quai, G. Tromba, A. Vascotto
  28. Top-Up Operation at Diamond Light Source, P. Bonner and F. Burge
  29. Upgrade Challenges at a 2nd Generation Ring, M. L. Marceau-Day
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