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Trieste NEXT 2020 - Science for the planet

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Photo R.Casson and C.Tabacco

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Photo C. Blasetti and A. Bernardi

Great satisfacion on a challenging edition

(Trieste, 25-27 September 2020)

The ninth edition of  Trieste NEXT "Science for the Planet. 100 proposte per la vita che verrà"  has ended with about 40 thousand participants of which 25 thousand online.
The two conferences organized by Elettra and held at  Museo Revoltella were fully booked:

"Estinzioni di massa e catastrofi naturali: osserviamole ai raggi X"
lecturers: Massimo Bernardi, Curator for  Paleontology and head of the Research and Collection area at MUSE in Trento; Luca Bondioli, associate to the Museo delle Civiltà di Roma and professor of Bioarcheology at Università di Padova; Margherita Polacci, Senior Lecturer in Vulcanology in the Department of Earth and Environmetal Sciences of the University of Manchester;  moderator Lucia Mancini, Physicist and expert in Material Sciences of Elettra.
Saturday 26 September 2020 from 15:00 to 16:15. Link to the recorded event avi
(coming soon)
RAI FVG - Trieste NEXT 2020 Highlights with Luca Bondioli mp3

"La luce non si ferma"
lecturers: Lisa Vaccari e Andrea Locatelli  beamline coordinators at Elettra and FERMI; Paola Storici, head of the  Exscalate4Cov project for Elettra; Claudio Masciovecchio, head of the FOCUS project for Elettra;  Roberto Pugliese, Elettra IT group coordinator; Georgios Kourousias, head of the Essential Remotization internal project in Elettra; moderator Giorgio Paolucci, Chief Scientific Officer.
Sunday 27 September 2020 from 11:30 to 12:45. Link to the recorded event avi
(coming soon)

The following interviews and panel have been bradcasted within the digital programming on the official Trieste NEXT website and crossposted on the Facebook Trieste NEXT account:

"Il progetto Exscalate4Cov"
 with Paola Storici, head of the Exscalte4Cov prject for Elettra.
 Friday 25 September, from 11 to 11:30. Link to the recording (from 58') avi

"Will ultrafast science save the planet?"
 with Claudio Masciovecchio, head of the FOCUS project for Elettra.
Friday 25 September, from 14 to 14:45. Link the recording (from 02'30") avi

"Il tallone d'Achille, bersagli molecolari per terapie antivirali, antibatteriche e anticancro"
with Silvia Onesti, head of the Structural Biology Laboratory of Elettra.
Friday 25 September, from 19 to 19:30. Link to the recording (from 04:31'00") avi

"Nuovi materiali per rimediare ai vecchi errori"
with Lisa Vaccari, head of the Microscopy and infrared Spectromicroscopy beamline at Elettra; Giovanni Birarda, researcher of Elettra; Elisa Bergami, research fellow at DSFTA at Università degli Studi di Siena.
Saturday 26 September, from 12:30 to 13:00: Link to the recording (from 02:46':00") avi

"Batterie ecosostenibili per ricaricare il pianeta"
with Benedetto Bozzini, full professor at the Department of Physics of the  Politecnico di Milano; Marco Giorgetti, associate professor at the Department of Industrial Chemistry of  the Università di Bologna and Alessandra Gianoncelli, researcher of Elettra; Jasper Plaisier, researcher at Elettra; Lucia Mancini, physicist and expert in Material Sciences of Elettra; moderators: Cristina Serra, biologist and  scientific journalist; and Giuliana Aquilanti, researcher of Elettra.
Sunday 27 September, from 14:15 to 15. Link to the recording (from 04'30") avi

The 4 slots of the giant scientific board game, Scienziopolis, were also all reserved, hosted by its creator Cecilia Blasetti, International Project Officer di Elettra in the Sala delle Colonne Regione FVG on Saturday afternoon.
Within the  Street Science, in Piazza Unità in front of the Town Hall  on Friday passers-by were amused by the short talks of Ilaria Carlomagno, researcher of Elettra with "Monete d'oro ai raggi X: storia, fisica e chimica unite per svelare i misteri dell'impero romano" and Ahmed Alsadig Ahmed Mohammed, researcher of Elettra with "Nanoparticelle d'oro: un piccolo tesoro per applicazioni biomediche".



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