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Technology underpins every aspect of the scientific activity of our research centre. We develop and use advanced technologies and are a test bed for their application to carry out our role of research infrastructure. The technologies and know-how we develop are then made available through a continuous technology-transfer process. Although developed for the purpose of research, many technologies in accelerators, magnets and cryogenics, detectors and instrumentation, electronics, information treatment and communication, as well as mechanical, vacuum and optical engineering, find a wide range of applications in everyday’s life: healthcare, energy and environment, industrial processes. The Industrial Liaison Office (ILO) of Elettra - Sincrotrone Trieste manages technology transfer and promotes the use of laboratory facilities in applied research and for industrial applications. 


Top Stories

Outstanding technological developments that have been recently conducted at our research centre.

Detectors & Instrumentation

The research centre develops instruments not available on the market, required by the experiments and technologically at the state of the art.



Acceleretors are a concentrate of technology as particles circulate in ultra vacuum tubes are accelerated through high frequency radio cavities and kept in position with high precision using powerful magnet systems.
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Mechanics & Optics

Technology means also mechanical and optical design, construction, assembling and commissioning of beamlines components like ultra-high vacuum chambers and high precision mechanical movements for mirrors and monochromators. 
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We run two particle accelerators, experimental stations and support laboratories where both general IT services and sophisticated state of the art ICT solutions, from control systems to high performance Scientific Computing, from networking to storage are essential to transform principles and ideas in sharable knowledge and science.





Being a large consumer of Energy with the additional requirement to be uninterruptable for the core plants, the laboratory has been always eager to use, test and experiment renewable and more efficient energy production technologies.
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