Configuring Heidenhain encoders

Important note: The Heidenhain linear optical encoders are not anymore used to operate the monochromator. They are however still available on the BCS, for reference. The config parameters must match the position sensor used (lip 401).

Heidenhain ND 780

default values provided already.

Heidenhain ND 720;

  • To access config menu: press "spec/fct" to choose parameter;

  • press "ent" to enter parameter;

  • press "1/2" to enter password (95148);

  • paramters are changed using "-" and "ent"; press "CL" to exit menu;

P3.1(2) : radius (visualisation)
P30.1(2) : POS. (direction)
P32.1(2) : 100
P33.1(2) : 2
P38.1(2) : 5 (decimal places

Heidenhain ND 920

(Spare: belongs to Bille` - Turcinovich);

  • To access config menu press mod and enter password (95148).

  • Select par 31.1 (X) with down key and set it to 2 using the minus key press enter to confirm;

  • Select par 32.1 (X) with down key and set it to 100 using the minus key;

  • Enter press Y to set the corresponding 31.2 and 32.1 to 2 and 100 respectively.

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