Monochromator initialization

Please perform this procedure only after a powercut or switching back on the YAMS controller, e.g. after a bake-out. In order to re-initialize the Renishaw encoders, you have to move both the mirror and grating to the respective reference position of the encoders. This operation is performed automatically by the control software running on the TANGO server. Here are the instructions to do it:

  • Restart all monochromator servers!
  • Start JIVE: Start menu / All programs / TANGO / Jive.
  • Select the device tab and open the JTree nanosp/monoch/monoch.
  • Double click on monoch and start the AtkPanel; in the Preferences submenu select Expert view.
  • You must re-initialize mirror and grating separately, one at the time. To do so:
    • open the nanosp/monoch/monoch drop-down controller (it's close to the green indicator) on the top port of the window and select MirrorInit; wait until the operation is performed (it takes few minutes).
    • Then, in the same drop-down menu, select and run GridInit. Note that the command init restarts only the server and does not re-initialize the optics.

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