Umeasure data format

The acquisition software ("UMeasure, fromerly called "GUI") saves automatically the data in the following hierarchy:


Each datafolder correspond to a certain measurement. "UMeasure" assigns the sequential names to the folders:

Year_Month_Day_FolderNumber_Type, e.g. "2008_11_03_001_XPS"

The folder "Type" can identifies to the type of measurement, so that one can quickly understand the folder content.

  • "IMG": a single image;
  • "MOV": a LEEM or XPEEM movie;
  • "XMCD": XMCD data;
  • "XPS": an XPS imaging scan, i.e. an image series where the kinetic energy of photoelectron is scanned;
  • "XAS": an absorption scan, i.e. an image series where the photon energy is scanned by the monochromator;
  • "FOCUS": a focus series, i.e. an image series where the objective current is scanned;
  • "IV": an "I/V" scan, i.e. an image series where the kinetic energy of electrons is scanned;
  • Other types of scan, such as "WKF" (work function) etc.;

Inside folders you can find images and textfiles. Umeasure automatically defines the file names according to the following scheme, where the "imageNumber" is squential.

  • an image file, named Year_Month_Day_FolderNumber-ImageNumber.tif;

The PCO Sensicam CCD provide 12 bit images. It is therefore natural to save data in a 16 bit format, namely 16 bit "tif".

Any image file is accompained by text files, where all the information on the beamline, microscope and CCD grabber is stored:

  • Beamline file, named Year_Month_Day_FolderNumber_beam-ImageNumber.txt;
    this is where all information about the beamline is saved.
  • CCD file, named Year_Month_Day_FolderNumber_ccd-ImageNumber.txt;
    this is where all information about the frame grabber (e.g. exposure, averaging, etc.) is saved.
  • microscope file, named Year_Month_Day_FolderNumber_leem-ImageNumber.txt;
    this is where all information about the SPELEEM is saved (e.g. sample temperature, starting voltage, focus, all lens settings, etc.).
  • trace file, named Year_Month_Day_FolderNumber_trace.txt;
    This file contains the information about the parameters varied in the scan and the integration of the image intensity in the region of interest defined by the box coordinates, plus the sample temperature and the MCH pressure.
Image format before 2006/06

Older versions of the data acquisition software (formerly named "GUI") saved images in PNG format, i.e. R.G.B. images. In order to recover the original 16 bit data from the PNG file you have to operate on the image bits as follows:
  • R - represents an 8-bit preview of the image.
  • G and B - the green and blue bits, which can be used to re-build the CCD 16-bit grayscale image as follows:
  • Grayscale_image = (G*256)+B
Other image formats

EE2000 was used instead of the "GUI", before 2006/06. Here the images are saved in the "t16" format, which is a "tiff" 16 bit image format. When using U-View sometimes images are saved in the so called "dat" format.
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