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When your experiment is scheduled contact the beamline staff in order to discuss the necessary details, for example:
  • the amount of the necessary technical support during your experiment
  • sample size and mounting on the manipulator cartridge
  • your scientific equipment needed to be mounted in the experimental chamber
Important remark: in the case your device is to be mounted into the analysis chamber it might be necessary to provide it well before the beginning of the corresponding Elettra Run (which can be up to two months before the experiment) and we cannot return it to you before the end of the Run. The reason is that during the whole Run there is no time to perform the bake out.

Well before your arrival all participants should not forget to submit the Access Request and discuss with the Travel Office the details about transport and accomodation support.

If you decide to modify your experimental plan with respect to what was written in the proposal, please discuss the changes with the beamline staff and do not forget to update the Safety Forms in VUO. After the experiment you must dispose of all the used substances as specified in the Sample Disposal section of the Safety Form.

Users can use the rechargeable card for the Area canteen/coffee bar (Mon-Fri 8-18) and key for the Elettra snackpoint (24/7) available at the beamline.

The nearest printer/copy machine/scanner is ESP3-P1-COPY.

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