Useful info for Nanospectroscopy Users

After your proposal is accepted

Scheduling accepted proposals

The beamline coordinator takes care of contacting all of the users whose proposals have been accepted, following the rank indicated by the Review Panel. We try to arrange the beamtime calendar taking care of the experimental requirements and individual needs.

Sending us your instrumentation

During the scheduling of the various proposals, we carefully check with you whether we have all the necessary equipment for  experiments. In the case further instrumentation needs to be installed, you should send it in time for the experiments (please follow the instructions given in the contacts section). Typically, we need to mount your Knudsen cells or evaporators, or replace the evaporant with one of ours. It is likely that we need to receive your apparatus at least a month in advance. This happens because we can bake the system only during machine shutdowns.

Preparation of the experiments

In the case of complex experiments, e.g. experiments that require lengthy preparation, arrangements can be made for you to begin to work a few days earlier than the official beginning of the beamtime. This might be useful when in-situ sample preparation is needed, or for the calibration of evaporators, or if complex instrumentation needs to be installed. Depending on the time available, we can arrange some preparatory experiments using LEEM and related methods. All of this is discussed with the beamline coordinator at the time of scheduling the proposal.

Important note concerning funding

Funding agencies normally refund expenses in the time interval one day prior and after the beamtime. Thus, in the case you arrive earlier, your expenses ARE NOT COVERED. We invite you to check this with the Elettra User Office.

Before your arrival

The user office webpages offer you advice on several topics regarding your staying at Elettra, including accommodation, car rental and how to reach the Elettra site.

Fill the Access Request in advance!

Most importantly, don't forget to fill in the Access Request from. Timing for the submission of the Access Request varies according to Users Categories: General Users, Research Team Members and Collaborators must submit their Access Form at least two weeks before the experiment. Italian Users must submit their Request at least one month before the experiment.

Contact us

Don't forget to contact us, so that we can arrange an appointment to meet at the beamline!

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